Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes please: surfing vampires

Having just attempted to read New Moon (I read Twilight last year), and having just decided NEVER AGAIN would I touch the Twilight series, I'm thinking about vampires.

As creatures, I love them. I think they can be very edgy and cool, and very metaphorical (sex, love, death, life, all of the above). However, I don't love paranormal romance vampires with vapid girls in the lead role who CANNOT GET A #)$(*#)(*$ LIFE WITHOUT THEIR VAMPIRE. Holy crap, get outta my way.

In my own writing I could not do a vampire justice, but these people can. Read this blog, and not just for the wampyrs (and wampyr wuv).

(I cannot say I buy Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise as a wampyr, either, but i wuv them)

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