Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday word: FRABJOUS

I keep giving myself stuff to do, dammit. Like, "Gee, Kirstin, why not start a word feature on Wednesday, since you claim to be such a word nerd?" And my nerd self says, "Ok, yeah, good idea!" And then my rational self says, "But look at this heap of sh*t to do that doesn't relate to Being An Author?" And then some other self says, "Everybody just shut up!" And then another self says, "Can we go back to bed yet?"

And here we are.

SO . . . today's word is FRABJOUS. Where it came from, nobody's sure, but people think Lewis Carroll combined "fair," "fabulous," and "joyous" for something in Jabberwocky, and it stuck.

I like it. It's a bit of a kick-your-heels-up kind of word, fractured and happy and full of optimism. And it's just a little weird.

To see a proper use of it, check out Pimp My Novel. Also a good industry blog, if you're interested.

Have a frabjous day!

(And to keep myself sane, we will call this "an occasional feature of the blog," as the parlance goes.

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  1. Dude, have you ever seen the Dictionary of Forgotten Words?? You would love it--I have it and it rocks!