Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday mischief: Banned Book Week 2009

Dudes, I'm at work, but I have to say this stuff: read a banned book this week. Read one EVERY week, but especially this week, because it's Banned Book Week. Support free speech, y'all. It's what makes America great. Even though it gives people the opportunity to say incredibly stupid stuff, we have the freedom to say it without getting thrown in the clink.

It's my humble ambition to write a challenged or banned book in my lifetime, and it's a bit of a steep order. Or is it? So many people are interested in restricting what others read/see/think about. Maybe I can find just the right one to get pissed about SKY (or BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, novel #2, which stands an even better chance of making people freaky). If I could get someone to challenge or ban my book, I'd know I succeeded in making people think. And woot for thinking!

AND: I have not forgotten the contest. : ) Winner announced tomorrow!

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