Tuesday, September 15, 2009

let's get regular + my fast food book

OK, so . . . I need to be blogreliable. So, from here on out, look for posts on Tuesdays and Fridays. AND on Fridays . . . contests, as soon as I get some decent prizes. Well, decent prizes besides signed copies of my book, and the first person to comment that a signed book isn't a decent prize will be sent a surfing vampire who does NOT look like Brad Pitt, probably more like my grandmother's third husband, so think before you write.

Not that anybody's commenting. But hey. Someone might start. I'd really love that. : )

So . . . a Tuesday post. I got my book in a Mighty Kids Meal the other day at McDonald's. That was pretty cool.

What's that, you say? Mickey D's is now giving away YA novels?

No. I got an American Girl book. Do you know American Girls? They are all very sweet and historical, though a little saccharine and clone-y for me. One of them is named Kirsten. See above. And we have some similarities! We both live in Minnesota, and we both come from Scandinavian peeps. But our names are spelled differently, and she probably pronounces her name "KUR-sten," not "KEER-stin," like me. Plus, she's cute and wears dresses and has braided blonde hair. Me, not so much.

But it was still pretty cool to pull out a book with a character name that was close to my own. I took it as a Good Sign. Of what, I don't know. Something.

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