Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday title: Fortune-Writing Contest Winner #1!

Hey, good morning! Today's fortune-writing contest winner is Karen Kincy! Congratulations to her! And big thanks to all who participated.

Her winning fortune: "When threatened by zombies, fight with chainsaw, run without."

Because I could not choose (all were great), I let Husband choose. He was in a zombie mood, and it's good advice, actually, especially since I saw today (in the newspaper, a reputable source, right?) that, if the world becomes infested by zombies, we're all toast.

Stay tuned for the next contest . . .

In other news: not much. Had a fantastic two days with the Flux peeps--Brian, Steven, Courtney, Marissa, Tricia, Maggie, Margaret--and really enjoyed myself, because they're all so fab. Snatched a bunch of books: nerd Christmas for me!

I think, on Tuesdays, I'd also like to point out blogs I like, so one for today: The Swivet, by agent Colleen Lindsay. Wise words, interesting stuff.

Peace out, y'all. Gotta head to the day job.

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