Sunday, September 6, 2009

book spies

Everybody needs a good book spy or two, and here are mine: Lillian looking happy on the left, and Anna, looking studious on the right.

They are my friends (they first were my students) and they were kind enough to go find out if SKY ALWAYS HEARS ME was available on the shelf at my local B&N. Lo and behold, it was, and lo and other behold, there was a huge sign about my reading on the 17th. Lillian is ALSO showing me that she actually paid for the book (check the receipt in her right hand), because she said she was so excited she almost shoplifted it.

Why did I need book spies? I would have felt just a little weird going myself. But guess what? After they sent these photos, I went anyway. : ) Did I want to hop up and down and screech in the store? Sure. Did I want to point out to the clerk that this was MY book, match the name on the credit card to the book, woman, check my sh*t out, look at me go? Of course.

Did I actually do it? No. But I wanted to!

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