Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week's worth of blog posts #4: um . . .

I have no blog post for today.

Random random random random random.

Everything I've thought of is stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

I knew this would happen!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

All I have is my favorite skull from Skull-A-Day.

Tomorrow there will be something. Promise!

Week's worth of blog posts #3: no talking

What happens when you don't *want* to talk anymore? I'd like to grow up and be a library: no talking inside me. Of course, nobody listens to that old rule anymore, but I'd shake my walls and books and *make* people listen. Pretty funny image, a library that shakes.

I used to talk alllllll the time. Then I moved to more listening. Now I just want to be silent and listen full-time. Not good for a teacher or writer, is it? I'd be fired.

How does one write silence into a blog post?

This blog is an attempt.

Off to say more things. Reluctantly.

(yes, I know--bad attitude. but it's what I want today.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week's worth of blog posts #2: iPods and getting lost

It is no secret: I love my iPod.

I realize it is completely outdated to love one's iPod--we've been doing it for years now--but I seriously couldn't get by without it. It's my treadmill companion, my cleaning buddy, my drive-eight-hours-to-my hometown friend. I like my iPod because it's a way to be lost. You're in the world, but not of it. I like being lost in a story (or little tiny stories within songs). I *need* to be lost in stories.

I have two of them, in fact, one for audiobooks and working out (the oldest) and one for calendar and ledger and music and such (the newest). And they both died. Last week. One while I was in Nebraska (no audiobooks driving home, sob sob), and one when I got home. When my very first iPod broke, I literally sobbed for 15 minutes. My husband was very confused. This time, I just quietly laid them away.

Sucky. Not like iPods are expensive, but they're not cheap. And which one do I choose when I buy another? Something big and fat to keep music/data/ear crack (that's audiobooks and podcasts) in? Or something sleek and easy for exercise?


Maybe I'll write a book where the main character stays lost in his/her iPod. Oooh, or maybe s/he'll have a romance through an iPod. Is that possible? Loading songs on each other's shiny pink and green boxes? Dunno. But an iPod seems a indispensable item for any young adult. Adolescence is the best time of all to be lost.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week's worth of blog posts #1: Outlaw Boots of my own

Long blog hiatus, I know. Not intentional, just nutso life. More explanation as the week goes on.

Today: reward shoes, or Outlaw Boots of my own.

BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FOR UGLY CHILDREN is becoming a reality, so I figured a present was in order. But what? I rarely celebrate milestones, but this one feels big to me. I've never loved a character as much as I love Gabe Williams (my protag), and I love his radio/music obsession, too. I wanted to do it up right.

Enter the purple Fluevog boots, which are worthy of Gabe's paramour, Paige (she's a total fashionista). I am not, on the other hand, so even thinking about buying them was a *huge* leap for me.

Backstory: my agent turned me on to Fluevogs, and I fell in love. I coveted, watched, saved, wished. Then I saw these. They're called (get this) PRI, which stands for Public Radio International, my beloved public radio corporation based in Minnesota. They're from (get this) Fluevog's Radio family of shoes. AND (get this) THERE'S A RADIO ON THE SOLE. AN ETCHING OF A RADIO. IN THE SOLE.

Effing astounding.

So I now have purple radio boots, and not just purple, but a really beautiful dark lavender suede. And now my agent has a pair--turns out she'd been eyeing them as well. We are boot twins! The purple ones are sold out, which is why you have a picture of black ones. All us BEAUTIFUL MUSIC fans got there first.

Moral of the story: some things are meant to be. But who knew boring old me would end up with purple boots?