Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday talk: the economy and book topics

Here to submit a fortune? Next post down!!

Back to Tuesday business: this post is a downer. You are warned.

Five hundred people in Morgan's hometown are losing their jobs by the end of next year. The biggest employer is calling it quits. Why? Because the auto industry has tanked, and the biggest manufacturer in Morgan's home town is a shock absorber factory. (As an aside, I think the sweet man who gave Morgan's boyfriend Derek his best characteristics currently works at this factory.)

Here's what the CEO said: “We sincerely regret the impact this action will have on our employees at Cozad,” said Gregg Sherrill, chairman and CEO, Tenneco. “However, we now feel that industry conditions have stabilized enough for us to move forward on our original plans to consolidate our ride control capacity in the United States, which we need to do in order to strengthen our long-term competitiveness in this critically important market.”

Granted, it's his job to worry about the bottom line of his company, but wow--that's bureaucratic coldness. He probably can't care about those 500 people, or their families. It's just reality, and something (someone) has to give.

But I care, as do other people from Morgan's home town. I care so much my gut hurts. Maybe I need to write about what it means when a parent loses a job. I bet there are way too many young adults out there who would be able to identify.

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