Friday, September 25, 2009

Freaky Friday: NEIL GAIMAN!!

Ok, blog friends, I'm at the Midwest Booksellers Conference in St. Paul, as a guest of Flux and Llewellyn, and I am having a blast. I got to pimp my book at lunch, I met a fellow NE author (for grown-ups), and I got to hang out with Steven and Courtney, fantastic fabulous Flux publicity people (how's that for alliteration?). And I get to hang out with them tomorrow, too. So fun, all of it.

But here's the coolest: I'm going to a mingle-chat-drink situation, and my goal is to stand next to NEIL GAIMAN! Holy crap! He's here to promote his kids' titles, but those aren't my favorites. Coraline creeped me out, and I was lukewarm about The Graveyard Book, so I don't think I'll tell him either thing (thought he might like my reaction to Coraline). I'd rather talk about American Gods or Sandman: Endless Nights (which I've taught, and which I adore). And I almost forgot about Good Omens, which is so damn funny. This man is a complete rockstar, in my world at least.

It is so dumb to be dumbstruck by an author. But seriously . . . I may have no words in my head if I actually get to meet him.

Be cool, Kirstin. Be cool.

(He is also cute as a bug, which doesn't help with the star-struck-ness. Be COOL, Kirstin! Try, at least.)


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  2. You are cool Kirstin, a nerdy cool, but cool just the same. I am so jealous...have.a.blast!