Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December silliness: the 12 gifts of YA

Okay, friends, here we go with DECEMBER! It's my favorite month of the year--yes, weird, I know, but since when have you gotten less than weird from me? Exactly.

With the holidays rolling up to our doors, at one point or another we'll all hear "The Twelve Days of Christmas," either in the mall somewhere or in our homes (though in my home it's the Bob & Doug McKenzie "Twelve Days," which is a prime example of what I'll be talking about this month). So, stealing the theme of twelve gifts, I decided to talk about the twelve gifts writing YA novels has brought me.

AND . . . dun dun dun . . . there will be at least one contest this month, for GIFTS you can GIVE AWAY! But I'm still plotting and scheming the contest rules.

So stay tuned: the twelve gifts of YA. They will not be beer, toques, and french toast, but they *will* be equally awesome.

(image swiped from here--I haven't been very good at crediting my images--bad interweb hygiene!)

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