Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Gifts of YA #2: John Hughes films

Related to the first post, yes, but worthy of its own: John Hughes managed to capture the beauty and beastliness of being a teenager better than anyone (for me) on the planet. Granted, he also captured *my* teenage years, so I identify with those poor 80s people. His films live on as some of the best explorations of 1) what it means to be a teenager, and 2) what it means to be human. If I can write a book someday that's half as good as a John Hughes film, I'll be happy.

My favorites, in order:
1) Ferris Bueller
2) Weird Science
3) The Breakfast Club

I realize I'm bucking the trend by not listing Breakfast Club first, but hey--Ferris has my heart, as do Wyatt and Gary (see photo above). The scene where Gary discusses his family jewels ranks right up there with "I'm On A Boat" (see the previous blog entry).

Besides that, I am raising Ferris Bueller II. And rather than dwell on how crazy *his* adolescence will be, I always try to think of the positive, namely that he's always good for a laugh, and he is smart and clever as hell. Any day the phone call will come from the girl, saying "Hi, Shae, how's your bod?" Then the water tower will no longer say NORTH MANKATO. It will say SAVE SHAE. And then I will have to hide.

Rest in peace, John Hughes. You did your job well.

PS: check out an early clip of someone you may recognize, currently starring as a legendary detective. Lots of current stars with small roles in these films, actually.

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  1. Ah, John Hughes films. I think I may actually know every single detail of FBDO, Breakfast Club too. Good times.