Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 Gifts of YA #3: YA peeps

This post could be eight years long (see that crowd to the left?) if I gave everyone the love they deserve, but I'm opting for the shorter version: YA peeps are tops of the top, no contest. During my book journey, I've met more wonderful people--authors, editors, agents, readers, bloggers, book builders--than I can count, and all of us are tied together by our love of YA books.

What I ponder is this: WHY do we love YA? I have theories, friends (of course!). Children's books (in broad strokes) have positive events and feelings in them because--duh--nobody wants to be a downer for a kid. In YA, however, we're allowed some bleakness, some angst, some seriously bad shit. HOWEVER, even if there's no happiness, there's still some hope in there. It's *important*, I think, to give those ever-changing older kid peeps some hope--hope that the world isn't totally horrible, that someone's listening, that people are kinder than they thought. That's partially why I love YA, so I'd bet it might be part of it for others in this biz.

I love you, YA peeps, all of you. Thanks for inviting me into your crowd.

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