Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book lusciousness and/or DON'T MESS WITH MINNESOTA

First, check this stuff out, via Moonrat (I heart Moonrat): book lusciousness.

Nerdporn, that's what Moonrat called it. I like that phrase!

This is a new deal for me--I'm at my day job (teaching), doing my other job (writing). I shouldn't mix business and pleasure like this, but I am. Take that, State of Minnesota! I am listening to my David Byrne channel on Pandora (David Byrne + Devo + Laurie Anderson + Elvis Costello = incredible stuff) and poking at my online class, but I'm still a writer! You can't take it away from me! Ha HA!

If this blog goes down, you know they've found me out. : (

ETA: I finished this blog post, and then my computer crashed! I kid you not. But see? I'm back at it . . . tempting them . . . come and get me, state employee police!!

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