Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AAAAAAAANGST, or stereotypes will get you every time

A recent reviewer of SKY ALWAYS HEARS ME called the book "a dog's breakfast of angst." If you've not heard that expression, "a dog's breakfast" is British slang for a huge mess.

When I read the review, I thought (of course): really? That much angst?

Then I went back and looked at my ARC, and thought: whoa. This reviewer is right. Crap-ola!

I never set out to write an angsty girl--I set out to write a smart girl, one who wanted to engage the world on her own terms. However (of course!), her world has lots of minefields in it, and there are lots of reasons for her to get a little loopy. She has her knickers in a twist (more British slang) from time to time. So what?

Here's the stereotype --> she's got her knickers in a twist ALL THE TIME!

I don't think it's true that all teenage girls are angsty-crazy all of the time. Most teenage girls I know can be pretty rational. Not Morgan. : \ It it BAD that Morgan's so angst-ridden? Not really. She'll be recognizable to her readers. Truly, the joke is on me. What does the situtation point out about my ability to identify over-the-top emotion?

My family is laughing their ass off (if they had a collective ass) right now.

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  1. Fun to read how Morgan took over and became her own person. It's all about the process, eh? (Process... I'm feeling angst here!)