Friday, September 2, 2011

Left out of the library

This week I went to visit a book club here in my town--I love book clubs--and one member told me my local library didn't have my book. Then she apologized for getting my book from the library, which was sweet. I told her I understood.

Here are some facts about my local library:

1) if I could throw a rock half a block, I could hit them. They're down the alley from me.

2) I've been there twice (3 times?) in the last two years, asking if I could do something with them related to SKY.

3) I know the librarian by name. We worked together a long time ago on a committee. She might not remember me, but that's OK, BECAUSE I SHOVED BOOKMARKS AND CONTACT INFORMATION IN HER FACE. TWICE. (sorry)

4) We have tons of fantastic local authors, and librarians are good at supporting them, as far as I know.

5) They're a really great library--new and clean and well-stocked.

6) Money is tight, and you have to pick and choose. This is reality.

7) This kind of thing happens all the time to writers--so what?

I always wonder if it boils down to girls-kissing-girls-we-don't-like-it-go-away, though it does say "I hate being a secret sex fiend" on the back of the book, so that may have freaked them out. BUT, if THEY'D READ THE BOOK, they'd get it. Or maybe it's not the content. Maybe they forgot.

I've been pondering prejudice and discrimination for another project (applying those critical thinking skeelz), and there is really no logical reason for prejudice to exist. Humans are just afraid of silly stuff.

Maybe the librarian is afraid people will start shouting things on the library patio, like Morgan shouts, or girls will hold a kiss-in. Those moves could be a big mistake--the library is across the parking lot from the police station, and someone could come out and give you a ticket. Though I do like the idea of getting a ticket related to a book. That's badass.

This is the second time I have been politely dismissed by a library I've approached, and librarians are people you want on your side. And it's OK--truly--there are other libraries out there who like me, and I am mucho appreciative.

My book isn't for everyone. But please, kind librarian, let patrons decide. I live on your street, and I want to be there for someone who wants to find me.


  1. Are you allowed to give them a copy? Like, "Hey, I'm a *very* local author, and I noticed you didn't have my book. I know funds are tight, so I thought I'd donate a copy. I can sign it if you want..." Then they'd have to tell you to your face that they don't want you (which would be stupid, because your book is SO good!). Or else they'd thank you profusely and all would be well. Or is that just not done?

  2. What library is it? Because I have half a mind to go donate a copy there myself, Jesus.

    I remember some years back there was some dust-up about the library and the city government idiots wanted to dispense with librarians and just hire clerks to check out books, as if that's all librarians do, scan books. Is this going on?


  3. EWH, I could definitely give them a copy--and I'm not sure why I didn't. And if they turn me down, well, they turn me down. Thank you both for the kind words. : )