Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving on the haters 4: Gunn High School

Gunn High School in Palo Alto CA had some serious tragedies: student suicides. People jumped in front of trains. And who showed up to help them in their grief, and to protest the fact that they're a diverse, inclusive school? Westboro Baptist Church, of course, since they are uber-supportive of people in times of tragedy. Margie Phelps (daughter of Fred) brought ugly signs and lots of hate, of course.

And what did the Gunn High School kids do? They sang, and protested back with LOVE. Can you imagine? The same thing happened when WBC moved on to picket at Stanford, at their temple. People just loved them instead of hating back.

I admire the hell out of this. If you can love on Fred Phelps and his crowd, well, you are a love ninja. Or a buddha. Maybe even Gandhi. So, your job for today: love on the most difficult person you can find. Enjoy Fred Phelps' "fag-loving country", filled with lovers and haters.

Old news again, I know--it happened in March. But it's worth mentioning. Photo not of the incident--it just has great examples of their signs.


  1. Fred Phelps must be a shallow man with some very deep insecurities. That video was uplifting though.

    Anti-gay is just one concept I cannot understand. At least there is an argument on each side for other controversial issues. Anti-gay activists don't even have anything mildly convincing to work with.

    When will we get past this stuff?

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