Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest winner and suckage, but being open to it

Hey, friends--I realize I'm fantastically late in announcing the winner of the WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON contest. All entries were awesome, of course. But the winner: ALAINN! E-mail, please, me so I can get you your book. Please also know that I've been so busy the book is pristine---the cover of WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON hasn't even been cracked. Now it's yours, Alainn. Happy reading!

So--I suck at blogging right now. Honestly, I suck at many things right now. And I'm trying something new. Instead of getting freaked out, I'm trying to stay OPEN to sucking. Why? You don't get all blocked up and mad at yourself. You just accept your suckage, and it gets better. Well, you have to apply yourself a little bit. But it does get better.

What do I suck at lately? You name it: teaching, writing, marketing, parenting, housekeeping, the list goes on (is there a word like "spousing"? I suck at that, too). Know what I did yesterday? Put dish soap in the dishwasher. Bad result, if you like your laminate floor to remain intact. Good result if you like suds. Epic fail on my part. Not sure why I can't read and tell the difference between bottles.

But . . . I am OPEN to it, friends. I am ALLOWING MY SUCKAGE. Is this an enormous excuse? No. Suckage still needs to be attended to. But it helps you not feel so bad if you say "wow, I suck. But I'm open to it!"

And, if I stay open, there might be possibilities out there *besides* suckage. So who knows what good things might come through the portal? You just don't know.

Beautiful, open Erie Canal culvert photo stolen from here.

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