Friday, August 27, 2010

Outlaw Boots, pair #2: Kurtis Scaletta

Today, friends, we have our second installation of Outlaw Boots, this time featuring middle-grade author Kurtis Scaletta. True confession: my kid loves Kurtis' books, which is enough endorsement for me, but I think Kurtis is awesome, too.

What does Kurtis write? Funny boy stuff (I love funny boy stuff): baseball games that get rained out for years and years (MUDVILLE), guys who have a thing for poisonous African snakes--in Africa (MAMBA POINT), and scary fungus run amok (THE TANGLEWOOD TERROR, out in Fall 2011)

Here's Kurtis.

Here's why he wears Outlaw Boots.

Who's your most outlaw character (in any book)--why?
- Sturgis Nye from Mudville. As a pitcher he's a fan of the beanball.
As a kid, he's gotten into a scrape or two. And his theme song is
"Outlaw" by The Cult!

Are you an outlaw too? How do you know?

- No, I'm very lawful. I don't even speed when I drive. Seriously.

What kind of shoes does your outlaw wear (you or your character--maybe
outlaw boots?)?

- Snakeskin cowboy boots.

Pirate, ninja, nerd, other outlaw title for you/your character:

- I like the cowboy-style outlaw. Jesse James or Butch Cassidy.

Best thing about being an outlaw:

- Playing harmonica.

Favorite outlaw food:

- Key lime pie and black coffee at a highway diner in the middle of nowhere.

Favorite outlaw role model/why:
- Robin Hood, because (at least in the legend) turned to crime out of
a sense of justice. But a version where he's a cowboy outlaw.

Tune in next month for the next installment of Outlaw Boots! Kurtis is one of my role models for how to write funny boy happenings, so I need to go read about Linus and his mamba.


  1. His book sound real fun!! I'll have to check him out. I'm always looking for new books for my son. :)

  2. He's a wonderful writer. I haven't read MUDVILLE, but my son's read it 3 times.