Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have officially lost it

How do I know this? I spent 30 minutes looking at LOLCats.

I realize this doesn't sound like insanity to most. But net surfing isn't one of my pastimes unless I've left the world of rational thought or am using my mad procrastination skills that I keep in a bottom drawer for emergencies. Today it's both.

Here, for your edification, the best LOLCats I found today:

This cat really looks like an ocelot, doesn't it? Maybe it *is* an ocelot--if that's true, what are people doing with an ocelot in their house?

Same question: why is there a lion on your deck?

I am now going to drag myself back to reality. But the LOLCats were fun. Maybe if I look at them more often, I'd be more sane. Hmmm.

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