Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gratitude post #5a: more Sesame

I am sorry, but I just cannot resist. In 10 years, you'll get the same things--provided we have blogs, of course. But seriously, this show was all we had, and it gets stuck in your head. Like STUCK.

"Some and none"--not the best quality, but still hilarious and wonderful.

"Fat cat sat hat"--same monster dude, but better quality and maybe even sillier.

And seriously, how could I forget this one? "Mah na mah na"! A different version than I remember, but it still works.

One for my brother Chris: "Ladybug's Picnic". "Imagining shapes," in the first post, is for my other brother, Kjell, who is a square. He will come after me if he ever reads that statement. But also for Kjell: "Everybody Eats" and "Everybody Sleeps."

One for my dad: "The Alligator King"

One for my son: "Put Down the Duckie"

And one more for all you opera fans: "Orange Carmen."

You are kind to indulge me.

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